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Nightmare Cruise

Nightmare Cruise
By Michael Dalager
Category: Meteor Maps

As you may know 2 months ago our ship the S.S. Sentury was captured by the reds. We've learned that the S.S. Sentury will be traveling along the coast of south america your camp is set up in an abandoned bunker but it seems the enemy is invadeing, get out of the bunker and find a shifter we've placed in the woods for you its linked directly to a shifter on the sentury. Once on board make your way to the front of the ship to the main control room, you'll need a access disk to enter the reds are all over the ship be careful. you'll also need to find a shield control switch as shields are gaurding the front of the ship. Get on board, Find the disk, Retake the ship. Those are your objectives. GOOD LUCK! (3.5KB)
Last updated: 01 May 2002
Nightmare Cruise screen shot - click to view full size

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