Meteor Maps

How to play Meteor add-on maps...
Enemy Outpost
By Spy

The mission is to get the secret weapon back from the enemies. Pretty small map, (regular size) but fun. Also available on Co-op. (3KB)
By PetiX

description: The reds are going to sell a big tank to GNV. You have to stop them of course and get the tank for us. (3.98KB)
Field Battle (MP)
By DarkRain

A Meteor 1 Multiplayer Map (2KB)
Warehouse 03 (M1)
By PetiX

A Meteor 2 version of this map is also available... (8 KB)
By Mrazerty

A Head to Head map, consisting of lots of vent crawling and a huge table&chairs in the middle. One detail: The table is loaded with explosives. Fun fun fun! (2 KB)
DR's Portal
By DarkRain

Another great map by Dark Rain, this one is an add-on for Papercut's Portal mod.

This map requires Papercut's Portal mod.

Place the map in portal\base\maps.

DR' (2 KB)
By Mrazerty

Nice work by Mrazerty, this is an add-on for Papercut's Portal mod.

This map requires Papercut's Portal mod.

Place the map in portal\base\maps. (1 KB)
Parallel World
By DarkRain

A cool map that uses many ROD enemies in it.

The (4.1 KB)
Base Lambda
By DarkRain

A neat indoor Single Player map.

Base (4.9 KB)
AmaZing Maze
By DarkRain

A long stressful maze like map. Chews up a good deal of your time trying to find the exit!

The Amazing (14.8 KB)
Cave Fight

A cool little multiplayer map with lots of fun. Of course, the fun really starts when you get the fusion cannon =) (1.47K)
Commander Donic

Ash is back with an amazingly cool mission to remove Commander Domic from the battlefield. Throughout this firefight, Ash saves many allied troops, and grabs every weapon in sight.

Copy the base folder in the .zip file into your meteor 1 folder. This map contains 3 explosive new units.

ulle (5.25KB)
Supply Depot
By Papercut

Another papercut map. Like most it's a little short, but action packed. Includes some new Blackops trooper enemies. (4.63)
Aircraft Carrier
By Papercut

A test map by Papercut trying an awkward architecture that didn't really come off too perfect, but it's okay. Also uses the same black ops troopers from the supply depot. (Included in (2.61kb)
By Papercut


A generic Snowy map. Pretty small, Easy map with basic ''medium'' class enemies. (Stoo tanks, small mechs, XL9s, laser turrets etc.) Your Chinook crashed and you are left on enemy territory. Walk up to road, raise a bridge, crash through a muddy trail in the forest and the maps over. Would make a good starting map for a mod. (5.74 KB)
Resistance Faction
By Papercut

Simply go and invade a small building. No keys required. One force field. Ammo and weapons are a little tight. a lot more ''medium'' enemies in close quarters. It's a bit harder than the above one, but it's still fun. (2.82KB)
By Papercut

This one is kind of a remake of the jailbreak map in the WW3 mod. Your locked up in a cell, and some allied rocket troopers blow in a hole for you to escape. This map is fast paced as there are lots of enemies and little cover. Break ou of you cell, drop the forcefield gates and make a run for home plate. (1.55KB)
Defensive Front
By Papercut

A mud themed map (though it looks more like a desert) with lots of dead trees. This map is much bigger and uses some harder enemies. (Big Mechs, Medium Tanks, Rocket Turrets) This map is non-linear too, so you can take any direction of pathways and still endup at the finish. No Keys, no Forcefields, just lots of enemies, ammo and health. (7.12KB)
Survival -- Invasion!
By Papercut

It's an FPS disaster. This map is intereesting as you dont really have to go anywhere. You start up all bundled up in a cozy fortified outpost. One Allied Gunship, One Allied Jeep, and an array of Still Good Guys to guard the walls. Grab the Code CD (Which is in your base), and open up the code CD doors (also in your base.) Once the doors open, You're in deep trouble. The terrorists, use everything they have against you. All their XL9s, Hover Ships, Vipers, Air Scouts, Big Mechs, Mediums Tanks, you name it. They are sending them out to get you. Your guys are practically slaughtered in an instant, and It's up to you to hold them off as long as you can. Your are given a limited amount of weapons/ammo and health. Fun map I must say. (4.66KB)
Red Sector
By Papercut

An Indoor map that tries to stick to a ''red colored'' theme (lots-o-brick) It is generally difficult. Lot's of various troopers such as Laser Troopers, Minigun Troopers, Grenade Troopers, and Rocket Troopers. This map is kinda small, but uses more keys and force fields. (3.91kb)
Close Quarters
By Papercut

A map full of small rooms and tight fits. Pretty difficult to avoid gunfire. Lots of fun. (3.15kb)
Dead Zone
By Papercut

A small but multi-themed map. It's kinda like what would happen if you but a piece of Base Delta, HH_Kabul, and GNV Radar Base in a blender. Pretty fun. (6.09kb)
By Papercut

This is kinda a joke map. It can be either fun or incredibly frustrating. Try it! (2.11kb)
Secret Estate
By Erik

A quick mission that has a rather open style of gameplay.
This map includes a new tileset, so to play it, just extract the base folder in your .zip file to the meteor 1 folder.

Secret (8KB)
Jail Break
By Helldemon

Its not a mega-mission, it may be the smallest map yet! Its still really cool, and lets you play a way thats never ben tried before! (3.74 KB)
Desert Base
By Aleksanteri

This is a good quaility map with plenty of play in it. It should take at least 30 mins to complete. Give it a go.

<b>Special Instructions</b>
This zip file contains additional files but is structured into folders. Simply unzip to your meteor folder but be sure to maintain the zip files folder structure. (134 KB)
Bad's Headbase
By Ilander

This is another cool storm the base style mission, with enough baddies to keep you busy for a while! (3KB)
By Aleksanteri

Single player.

The zip file contains additonal files.
Copy SBAL.spr to base\sprites
Copy BSHOOTER.rac to base\races (3KB)
Base Echo
By d34db34t

Hello Sarge, welcome to Vietnam, home of the GNV's main communications base, or Base Echo...

This map contains an extended tileset, copy the .til files to base\tiles. (27KB)
Infected City
By Dominic (Meteor map author)

This map's zip file contains addition units (rac files). Copy these files to base\races. (18KB)
By Dominic (Meteor map author)

Single player. (10KB)

This is a Multi Player map. MP maps cannot have briefings. Coop maps can. (2KB)
By Mod_Maker

This is a Multi Player map. MP maps cannot have briefings. Coop maps can. (2KB)
WW3 1st
By Juho

You are captured warrior in World War III. You killed the guard and taked the code card. Now you can escape and help your troops win this battle and the war.

WW3 (8KB)
By Nilo

This is a Multi Player map. MP maps cannot have briefings. Coop maps can. (3KB)
By Assain

This is a sample mission from the soon to come mod by me, America's Army: Specail Forces. Of course, it will be very different, but the objectives will pretty much be the same.

This map uses a custom tileset.
Copy thebrain.til to base\tiles (13KB)
By Stephen Lamothe

Our spies have located a massive amount of enemy troops on Mt Mortar, a well-known volcano. They also reported numerous experiments going on, one of them is super battle armor. (8KB)
By David (Meteor map author) (3KB)
By Arcade

You were just coming back from your vacation when you saw the lab burnning. You came there to see what happenend. Then you relaized the terrorists atacked the lab to destroy the out post. (5KB)
By Joe Cronk

Something is wrong at the base. We have lost all contact with the men stationed there.

1.) Find out what happened
2.) Kill any hostiles you make contact with
3.) Dont die (4KB)
By Montley


AHH!GET-OUT!!.zip (19KB)
Mission Megastorm
By Montley

The dessert's a bad place for anyone. We'er being kept captive in the north and our major fire power is kept under a
force field in the south. The land is seperated by a stone wall
and all hell breaks out everywhere. (9.3KB)
Nightmare Cruise
By Michael Dalager

As you may know 2 months ago our ship the S.S. Sentury was captured by the reds. We've learned that the S.S. Sentury will be traveling along the coast of south america your camp is set up in an abandoned bunker but it seems the enemy is invadeing, get out of the bunker and find a shifter we've placed in the woods for you its linked directly to a shifter on the sentury. Once on board make your way to the front of the ship to the main control room, you'll need a access disk to enter the reds are all over the ship be careful. you'll also need to find a shield control switch as shields are gaurding the front of the ship. Get on board, Find the disk, Retake the ship. Those are your objectives. GOOD LUCK! (3.5KB)
By JohnWE

Do you think that you are such a hotshot after beating Meteor?

Survive this!!!! (2KB)
By Banzar (2KB)
The Great
By Don Ray Onnelainen

You have been locked captured by the terrorists. You got a cosie cell, but you did have a little explosive things with you. Get out of the cell and the whole prison. (2.7KB)
By Scarsoul

Finally we have found Base 51a our enemys top base, they have our best men, 2 of our swipe cards and too much new technology....

We have sent some men in to help you, but they don't stand a chance.

I will be in contact, good luck! (4.5KB)
The Brain
By Zable Fair

Greetings, Commander. Intelligence has reported that an enemy
command post has been found hidden in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
The command post contains a supercomputer called The Brain that
contains vital information we must have. We have sent
spies to infiltrate the command post, but they have been
unsucessful. We believe that some of our spies are being held
captive in their prison cells. It is now up to you.

This map uses a custom tileset.
Copy thebrain.til to base\tiles (11KB)
Meteor Complex
By Pete Doe

The terrorists have threaten to use the cannon on all major cities across the world. We have attacked the complex to try to stop this. However, our group have not made any progess for the last few weeks. It is now up to you to stop them. To stop them, just get the smart disk. The cannon will not fire without the disk. We must hurry to stop this or the terrorists will take over the world. (8.1KB)
Burning Bush
By Jerry VG

This mission leaves you near the central base of the SAS Bad troopers...

Your mission is to destroy all that you see and to eliminate all enemies... (3.5KB)
By Covar

This mission is going to be tough. We have you as our only hope of succeding in destroying one of the enemys bases.

- Destroy all personel in the building except the hostages
- Rescue the hostages and acquire the Code CD
- Shut down the forcefields and collect the smart disk
- Get the red,blue and green swipe card
- Then make your way to the exit (2.8KB)
The Lab
By James Bunting

We have discovered that the enemy is conducting secret experiments and creating a race of mutants. We need you to put a stop to this!

We sent some troops in yesterday but they never came out, you are our last chance!

You will be dropped in some woodland just outside the facility from where you will need to find your own way in. Be careful because the facility is highly defended. (5.5KB)
By Evertjan Broekhuizen (2.7KB)
By Crazed Ewok (1.2KB)
Meteor, 004 Style
By Steve, of course

Good evening, OO4. Your mission is to infiltrate a Russian weapons base. The base is heavily gaurded, so you'll have to enter through the, uh, "back door". Once inside nuetralize all enemies then head to the back of the base towards the warehouse. We believe the Russians are experimenting with a new super weapon. Destroy it.

The zip file contains 2 additional units.
Copy entur.rac and supwep.rac to base\races (3.8KB)
By Wanjej (2.7KB)
The Rock
By Jackel

Lets make this briefing sweet and short, your mission is to enter the "Rock", and destroy it, wait...incoming message, a group of terrorists have taken over a city just south of you, and are armed to the tip.Your new mission is to get of the "Rock", go into the city south of you, and gather all keycards to shut down their training facility. (13KB)