Meteor 2 Maps

How to play Meteor 2 add-on maps...
HH Draft Fire
By me_mantis (Paul the Great)

A fancy map for multiplayer in which one group of people take over the far side of the map and try to keep the other folks stuck on the first side of the map. (9KB)
Warehouse 03 (M2)
By PetiX

A Meteor 1 version of this map is also available... (8 KB)
The Labyrinth Challenge
By Janne

A pretty fun maze styled map that uses Meteor Objects Resource. (3.8 KB)
By Canuck

Here's a map I figured I'd put up here. It's basically just a chase where you have to get to the end of a winding road on a rocket bike with a bunch of bad guys, humvees, other rocket bikes, heavy tanks, helicopters, etc. shooting at you. It's pretty hard!

Forum Thread: (19 KB)
By DarkRain

An HH map for M2 by Dark Rain. It's a little tight but still pretty fun. (9.6 KB)
Hunting Season 2: Winter Hunting
By Erik Engström

More happy hunting, this time it is winter and some of the sheep bite back! There is also a helicopter so you can survey the terrain.

Hunting (6 KB)
Hunting Season
By Erik Engström

Work on your hunting and sniping skills with this fun map. The sheep target range and bird "pen" are especially fun!

Hunting (4 KB)
Port Mayhem
By VR_Rat

This is a fun Multiplayer map that won the first M2 MP map Competition.
Its quite fun, and its got a few supprises.
I really enjoyed the hard to get green swipe card. (9.88KB)
Base Sigma
By Aleksanteri

Second Place entry for the First Ever M2 MP Competition.
Quite a fun little map... Its even fun to play in Singleplayer mode. (16.3KB)
Base Omicron
By Aleksanteri

A nice map where Ash is snatching the last bad base existing to stop the MDS from being destroyed. (17KB)
By Googleplex4

A really cool, well scripted level with a clever story line. If you act swiftly, you can break up negotiations between GNV and ROD. (22.6KB)
Omega Base
By Googleplex4

This is a very difficult mission, but If you are clever, you may manage to complete it!
Awesome map. Very "Meteorish".

M1_Omega (16KB)
Base Infiltration
By Mike323

You need to infiltrate a base to get a smartdisk. Try not to be detected. Steath is crucial to this mission.

Place all files (except alarm_buzzer.wav) in base\maps\
Place alarm_buzzer in base\sound\world\
Play (204 KB)
By Shockdrop

This is another highly scripted mission, in which Ash is captured. His journal (a napkin) is running out of space, so he must escape.

This zip file contains additional files.
Copy SmallTurret.ob to base\objects\
Copy SmallTurretBase.spr to base\sprites\objects\ (8.96kb)
City Bomb (7 map mission)
By Aleksanteri

The largest mission on meteor. It has 7 fun maps. Included is a highly detailed clone of the Meteor 1 security complex map.

This map contains additional textures.
Copy the three .pcx files into the base\textures\ folder. (31 KB)
RPG Test
By armageddon1212

Although this map is far from complete it is a good start (and example) of making an RPG based mission.

The guy in the "shop" gives you a mission which earns you enough money to buy weapons and even music! (5KB)
By Stryker

Although this map seems small, this is a well scripted mission. Its Very fun, and you will not stop playing it untill you have won. (8.00KB)
Rod Island
By Aleksanteri

A small map which is very hard. A challenge for even the hardest Meteor 2 players. Try it out and see how you get on. (3 KB)
Script Test
By JohnWE

Ok, this map uses a bunch of triggers so that people can learn how to script better. I kept it simple (I think) so that everything should be self explanatory. To find the trigger you want, just look in the map editor at the sector that causes it and the find the cooresponding trigger in the script file, or just browse the scripts. They're arranged in order of being triggered. (5KB)