The Ravagers of Time

The Ravagers of Time
By me_mantis (Paul the Great)
Category: Meteor 2 Mods

Maybe in the near future, maybe tomorrow...
You seem to be the sole survivor of the M.A.C. takeover.
No, everyone isn't dead... itís worse. They are synchronized with iThink.
You've been coasting around the galaxy repairing the 7 bases(conveniently invisible) that still exist.
Although you thought they were completely hidden, a organic woodpaper note was left in the base Orion4.
It stated exactly what you needed to hear...
"180X60-Orion System P_6. The Direction House has been found. I'm going to find the Spickle Technology if itís the last thing I do."

You head off toward P_6 in your 64Class in search of adventure!

Extract into your Meteor 2 folder.
Click Time.bat to play it, or use Meteor FE, or the Mods menu ingame.

This is a Total Conversion. However, does now use the Meteor 2 base folder.

To make a multiplayer map with all the custom abilities, start by saving the as a different map, and follow the instructions in the included

There are many new things in the 2010.10 version. If only one person shops at once, the multiplayer is reasonably stable.

Starting by going up and right might lead to some surprises...


originally released around 04/05/2006 (62MB)
Updated: 18 October 2010