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Survival -- Invasion!

Survival -- Invasion!
By Papercut
Category: Meteor Maps

It's an FPS disaster. This map is intereesting as you dont really have to go anywhere. You start up all bundled up in a cozy fortified outpost. One Allied Gunship, One Allied Jeep, and an array of Still Good Guys to guard the walls. Grab the Code CD (Which is in your base), and open up the code CD doors (also in your base.) Once the doors open, You're in deep trouble. The terrorists, use everything they have against you. All their XL9s, Hover Ships, Vipers, Air Scouts, Big Mechs, Mediums Tanks, you name it. They are sending them out to get you. Your guys are practically slaughtered in an instant, and It's up to you to hold them off as long as you can. Your are given a limited amount of weapons/ammo and health. Fun map I must say. (4.66KB)
Last updated: 24 March 2007
Survival -- Invasion! screen shot - click to view full size

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