By Aprentice
Category: Meteor Mods

Why bother? A lot of people does thing without a good reason. Yeah, I'm not going to write any stupid story!.
Ok... Ok... Here it is...

The terrorist faction called "Caperucita roja" has allied with some aliens to take the world!. You are a little kid that stoled a yellow car. After playing hours and hours of Rod Simulator, of Macrossoft, you knew how to use it. The yellow car has a nice weaponry, and a computer system that tell you your missions. Following your stupid patriotism (ya know, all that history lessons at school destroy your brain...), you'll fight for USA! (not for America... is well know that USA cares little about other countries...)

Good luck, little kid.
Signed: Commander Aprentice (59KB)
Updated: 25 November 2001