Meteor Mods

The Dark Age
By DarkRain

Description: This is a brand new mod with new tiles, sprites, units, maps... everything is new. The action unfolds in a steampunk medieval world where magic and technology lead a battle for control. The name of your character is Cotrag and he is a member of a society called "The Guardians of Wisdom". It's up to him to save the city from destruction.

The Dark (25MB)
Dark Conspiracy Multplayer
By DarkRain

This is a pack of 16 + 1 multiplayer maps for The Dark Conspiracy. There is also a bonus 4-map singleplayer campaign. There are some new tiles and four new weapons. Enjoy!

The Dark Conspiracy - (5MB)
By Papercut

Mod for Meteor based on the game 'Portal'! Shoot one wall, then shoot another, and you can teleport between the two walls! Comes with 4 maps and directions on how to successfully make your own portal maps.

Extra maps are also available for this mod...

Dr's Portal by Dark Rain:

Portal5 by Mrazerty: (290 KB)
Mankind E1: Struggle for Existence
By Papercut & DarkRain

A spooky sci-fi TC by Papercut and DarkRain. Contains All new weapons, sprites, graphics, maps, and tileset. Killer gameplay, and a unique 'Modern' feel to it. Has 20 Maps total, and a boss battle in the end! (11929.9 KB)
The Naval Wars
By Naval War

Sweet mod. Lots of dialogue, fun to play. Excellent story line. Lots of maps.

The Naval (7182.6 KB)
The Dark Conspiracy
By DarkRain

The Sequel to the Dark Planet. Great mod, loads of fun. Worth the download!

The Dark (4972.7 KB)
The Dark Planet
By DarkRain

This is a awesome meteor mod with a few hours of gameplay. Although this mod starts with easy levels and draws you in it will supprise you with some rather challenging battles. It even includes a maze of death to keep you puzzled for ages.

The Dark (9MB)
The Nuclear Facility
By Aleksanteri

Are you ready to save the world?
This time, we have more levels, more action, and more fun than ever before.
Crash through The Nuclear Facility's 30 new levels, and play with the newest weapon tech around!

10597_nuclear_inst.exe (19.8MB)
Musketeers Beta Themetest
By Erik Engström

This is a preview of the Musketeers theme for Eriks Meteor 2 musketeers mod.
Its not really complete, but it does give you a feel for what his theme will be like. (30Kb)
By Papercut

Finally! The long awaited CRATER has arrived! Be glad as you are now an owner of one of M1's First Full Total Conversions! This TC is loaded with high quality soundfx, music, Sprites, tilesets, races, weapons, projectiles, powerups, and of course, maps!

CRATER Features a brand new story-line, which doesn't relate to the original Meteor storyline in any way. The Main Character doesn't actually have a name. The Main Character is supposed to represent "You" as the character. The story focuses directly on you, by telling feelings, sights, sounds, etc. Mission Briefings don't actually give you directions on how to complete the map, but just tell you whats going on, and what you as the character knows.

(v1.32 OK)

Meteor-Crater.exe (32.5 MB)
Before Meteor
By PetiX

This is a awesome mod about what happens before Meteor.
It is very fun to play, and has clever text triggers.

(v1.32 OK)

Meteor-BeforeM1.exe (1 MB)
Civilian War (v2)
By Aleksanteri

Civilian War: 25.5.2020 is a large total conversion mod for Meteor which is set after the events in the original game.

This mod features an entire campaign and new everything. Although its by Aleksanteri it uses certain elements of Papercut's previous work to produce an immersive new feel.

This mod has been updated to take advantage of the new features in Meteor v1.3 and above.

Meteor_CivilianWar_v2.exe (7.5 MB)
The City Beta 2
By Dave Man

This is a preview of a not yet released mod for Meteor2. Its got a few missions, and some very creative units/weapons/tile triggers. (4.47MB)
Afghanistan (v2)
By me_mantis (Paul the Great)

This mod is a total conversion, well OK its basically a whole new game! Here are just some of the features: Loads of new enemies, plenty of new weapons, 18 single player missions, 41 multiplayer maps, new soundtrack, new sounds, new tiles!

Meteor_Afghanistan_v2.exe (9.07MB)
By Papercut

This is certainly a mega-mod. This mod continues where Meteor left off, it contains an entire new campaign with new weapons, graphics, sounds, monsters, music and more. This is a great peice of work from the same guy who made the last level in Meteor.

Meteor-WW3.exe (4675KB)
Army101 Patch to v2
By Dave Man

If you downloaded the old version 1 of this mod then you should download this patch otherwise you will get stuck in the factory.

Army101_v2_Patch.exe (97KB)
Army101 (v2)
By Dave Man

This is the biggest mod ever seen for Meteor, nothing short of an entire new single player campaign with loads of new stuff. All finished at last - good work Dave.

Meteor-Army101.exe (665KB)
By Aprentice

Why bother? A lot of people does thing without a good reason. Yeah, I'm not going to write any stupid story!.
Ok... Ok... Here it is...

The terrorist faction called "Caperucita roja" has allied with some aliens to take the world!. You are a little kid that stoled a yellow car. After playing hours and hours of Rod Simulator, of Macrossoft, you knew how to use it. The yellow car has a nice weaponry, and a computer system that tell you your missions. Following your stupid patriotism (ya know, all that history lessons at school destroy your brain...), you'll fight for USA! (not for America... is well know that USA cares little about other countries...)

Good luck, little kid.
Signed: Commander Aprentice (59KB)