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By Papercut
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Finally! The long awaited CRATER has arrived! Be glad as you are now an owner of one of M1's First Full Total Conversions! This TC is loaded with high quality soundfx, music, Sprites, tilesets, races, weapons, projectiles, powerups, and of course, maps!

CRATER Features a brand new story-line, which doesn't relate to the original Meteor storyline in any way. The Main Character doesn't actually have a name. The Main Character is supposed to represent "You" as the character. The story focuses directly on you, by telling feelings, sights, sounds, etc. Mission Briefings don't actually give you directions on how to complete the map, but just tell you whats going on, and what you as the character knows.

(v1.32 OK)

 Meteor-Crater.exe (32.5 MB)
Last updated: 31 August 2006
Crater screen shot - click to view full size

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