Other Meteor 2 Stuff

Abandoned Meteor Racing Mod
By Papercut

A Meteor Racing Mod that Papercut never got around to finishing, and does not plan to finish. It is now available in case anyone feels they would like to revive it. Comes with Formula 1 Car Graphics, sprites, and objects, and a cheesy test map.

meteorracing.zip (691.1 KB)
Abandoned CS mod
By Papercut

A mod started by papercut that has been closed off from being worked on. However it is now open for any aspiring Counterstrike fan to finish off.

counterstrike.zip (8.62mb)
Mini Meteor
By armageddon1212

A work in progress Meteor 2 clone made using Game Maker!

MiniMeteor.zip (4.92 MB)
Meteor 2 Hi Res Intro Movie
By me_mantis (Paul the Great)

Hi res version of the Meteor 2 intro with stereo sound in WMV format.

Meteor2intro.zip (12.3 MB)
Meteor 2 Script File Generator
By James Bunting

This is an AutoIT 3 script executable that creates a new and ready to use script file simply by clicking on it. A must for the serious Meteor 2 developer.

ScriptFileGenerator.zip (114 KB)
Meteor 2 Fake Leaked Video
By Hackinator

James and me_mantis made this video and pretended that it was leaked by "Hackinator". We posted it in the forums just before Meteor 2 was released in July 2005. We really had them there, a classic.

See the thread right here...
<a target="_blank" href="http://www.jbserver.com/forums/ThreadView.asp?ForumId=1&TopicId=24&ThreadId=797">http://www.jbserver.com/forums/ThreadView.asp?ForumId=4&TopicId=24&ThreadId=797</a>

FakedLeakVideo.zip (9.15MB)